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Gratitude AGAIN???

Before I got sober, I was a pretty negative person. In my world, the glass wasn’t half-empty, it was all the way empty. My favorite mantra was, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” Finally, a series of events happened that led me to my drinking bottom, and I got sober...

Why I Changed My Name

“Bob Marley isn't my name. I don't even know my name yet.”― Bob Marley I can't remember the first time I asked my parents why they named me Adam.  It's been so long I can't remember if their response ("Because we wanted you to have a biblical name") is a direct quote...

Six Ways to Clear Your Mind When You’re Feeling Down

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” - Buddha There are moments when we don’t feel happy, adequate, or capable; when we feel low and weak, down and out.  Sometimes we let these moments get the best of us by letting all our worries and stress...