Author: Deborah Fike

A Perspective from the Road Less Traveled

I have always tried to live my life by one mantra: make life choices that I won’t regret in my final days.  It sounds simple enough, but has led me down some interesting paths, for better or worse.  I lived in Japan for several years (great choice), married my first boyfriend (bad choice), and have done a bunch of seemingly non-related jobs: IT technician, university professor, stay-at-home mom and game producer. With few exceptions, I’m happy with how my life has turned out so far.  My experiences have filled me with joy and humility.  It has taught me to...

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Planning for the Unexpected

As a project manager by trade, I always advocate drafting out a good plan to reach new goals. Setting objectives, analyzing scenarios, and executing tasks will make it easier for you to get to that final destination. When the going gets tough, you can oftentimes go back to your plan, evaluate how to fix any roadblocks, and then move forward. Of course, life doesn’t always follow a script, which is why it’s important to plan for the unexpected. That sounds impossible. How can you plan for something which you cannot anticipate? The truth is, you can’t plan the details, but...

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Odds Are, It’s Not About You

As a university instructor teaching entrepreneurship, I am always surprised at how even my smallest perceived action can affect a student.  For example, last month one of my student teams referenced me in their business plan as an advisor.  Since this particular team is quite serious about launching their business, I made a comment in the margins that one should always ask permission before listing a person as an advisor.  Then I returned the business plans to the student teams and thought no more of it. During my next office hours, I was surprised to see one of my...

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The Myth of the Dream Job and the True Pursuit of Happiness

“If you want to be happy, find a career doing what you love.”

It’s a simple enough motto, echoed through homes, classrooms, and counselor’s offices across the nation. It was the singular motto of my youth. If I wanted to break out of the family’s dying farming business, I needed to get educated and pursue a career I was wildly passionate about. Only then would I unlock the door to success and fulfillment.

But what happens when you get your dream job, and it doesn’t solve all your problems?

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How to Change the Voice Inside Your Head

It’s late at night, and you’re about to fall asleep. As you drift off into dreamland, your mind wanders to that one thing you really want to do with your life. Maybe you want to start your own business. Write a novel. Travel to foreign places. These long-standing dreams put a smile to your face.

Until you hear “the voice.”

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